Aug 07

La cappella di San Severo e il Cristo Velato

“The Veiled Christ” is the most fascinating and mysterious artwork you will see in town.

Some say that the marble veil on top of the Christ is actually a real veil transformed in rock thanks to a special liquid invented by famous alchimist, the prince of San Severo.
Others say that the beauty and perfection of the artwork is instead the result of the great work and talent of Giuseppe Sanmartino, sculptor of the Cristo Velato.

There is a veil of mystery upon this chapel because also other artworks and a secret room were found in it. The Cappella di San Severo is a must to visit in Naples not only for the Christ but also for the other artworks that make it a real jewel in the heart of the city, full of esoteric and religious symbols.

Tickets: Museo San Severo

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