Ne pas considérer comme acquis
le moment présent.

Chaque jour, dans chaque instant, chaque souffle,
il y a quelque chose à célébrer.
Il faut donc épouser le plaisir d’être ensemble, de partager, d’échanger et s’inspirer.

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HUBITAT Art Experience in collaboration with

A Journey through art, nature and sharing. Artpieces by Memo Vithana, Gabriella Siciliano and Alfredino La Gradesca.

Full Moon Ceremony

Cacao ceremony & ecstatic dance: an experience that invites you to go beyond your personality, break the barriers of your emotional world  e set your spirit free. A journey of reactivation of vital energy to rediscover our creativity through music and sharing.

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Suryael Yoga School

Hopestel and Suryael Yoga School Napoli together in an intensive 3 day weekend of yoga, meditation and deepful connections.

Mid-Summer Tribal Night

Cumbia, tribal music, magical incenses, shamanic dancers, body painting and fire ceremonies. These are just some of the ingredients that turned a midsummer night into a shamanic sharing ritual.

Secret Aperitivo

Dj Karma B2b Hope

Domenico np

Pellegrino (Early Sounds Recordings)

Beniso DJ (Drop Barcelona)


Opening Party

We opened our hearts... and our doors.

Our opening party was a celebration of love and life.

We danced, we laughed, we cried and we shared our HOPES and dreams, blessed by the rain and loved by the moon.

Do you want to celebrate with us?